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Fruition Definition Fruition Meaning in Bengali

"Fruition Synonyms"

Top ten synonyms Fruition. What are 5 "Fruition synonyms"? What is a better word for Fruition? What's another word for Fruition? How can I replace the word Fruition? What is the Definition of Fruition.

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Synonym of Fruition (noun)

materialization completion actualization success maturity enjoyment consummation accomplishment satisfaction attainment fulfillment realization pleasure gratification perfection ripeness

Example of Fruition

Example in a Sentences of Fruition

Example Sentences for fruition

It begins well and endeth better, for these kisses find their fruition in marriage.

For this character of the (or any) ideal of action the best name is fruition or enjoyment.

From childhood I have cherished the hope of reaching it, and the fruition is near at hand.

So, for a time, if such a passion come to fruition, the man will get what he wants.

The earth hearkened to man's wants and answered; the clement sun and summer rains hastened the fruition.

The moment of fruition had come; the crowning of his pride and pleasure in his home.

Hence the highest Self is subject to the fruition connected with transmigratory existence.

American producers of very fine wool have ever fed an expectation, but never obtained the fruition of their hopes.

The bronze monument over his later grave attests no fruition of his hopes.

The May day, the day of fulfilment for Smiles' dreams and the fruition of her work, had come.

Word Origin & History of - Fruition

Word Origin & History of Fruition

Word Origin & History

fruition 1413, "act of enjoying," from L.L. fruitionem (nom. fruitio) "enjoyment," noun of action from L. frui "to use, enjoy." Sense of "act or state of bearing fruit" is first recorded 1885 by mistaken association with fruit.

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