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Friendliness Definition Friendliness Meaning in Bengali

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Top ten synonyms Friendliness. What are 5 "Friendliness synonyms"? What is a better word for Friendliness? What's another word for Friendliness? How can I replace the word Friendliness? What is the Definition of Friendliness.

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Synonym of Friendliness (noun)

camaraderie cordiality goodwill kindness warmth kindliness geniality amiability congeniality amity sociability benevolence affability friendship conviviality comity neighborliness comradery open arms

Example of Friendliness

Example in a Sentences of Friendliness

Example Sentences for friendliness

The duke was persistent in his friendliness, and Courant had, to all intents and purposes, disappeared completely.

I shall not attempt to describe the friendliness of our parting.

He had the reddest hair Val had ever seen—and the homeliest face—but his small-boy grin was friendliness itself.

Girls suffocated him with friendliness, which was not the stuff of which his dreams were made.

Now all was peace and reconciliation in the house, and they vied with one another in acts of friendliness.

But the friendliness was to be all on the side of the Imperial Government.

He decided to quiet Tom's suspicions if he could, and ensure his continued silence, by an affectation of friendliness.

"No," said both boys in a breath, greatly pleased at his friendliness.

He liked Chase after a fashion; he appreciated his friendliness and his genius for business.

"Thank you for all your friendliness," and the tears stood in her eyes.

Word Origin & History of - Friendliness

Word Origin & History of Friendliness

Word Origin & History

friendly O.E. freondlic; see friend + -ly (1). Related: Friendliness.

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