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Top ten synonyms Free. What are 5 "Free synonyms"? What is a better word for Free? What's another word for Free? How can I replace the word Free? What is the Definition of Free.

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Synonym of Free (verb)

complimentary paper freebie handout free ride gratis gratuitous on the house unpaid unrecompensed comp chargeless costless for love for nothing free of cost on the cuff

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We cherish our friendship with all nations that are or would be free.

He hid in the bushes at the side of a path as a group of free swordsmen went by.

Even the bed of the River Roseau is not free from these volcanic outbursts.

With his free hand, he thoughtfully rubbed his injured cheek.

Would you have us starve in the swamps, or have that that will pay our way to the free states.

Stafford King had not asked to see her, and she had the evening free.

Menehwehna had gone; he was free of him, and this day was to deliver his soul.

Gold that is not united with other metals is called "free milling gold."

Because it's a free life, because it's a life I should love.

Sometimes they win affection and are adopted, freed, and married to free women.

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Word Origin & History of Free

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