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Top ten synonyms Form. What are 5 "Form synonyms"? What is a better word for Form? What's another word for Form? How can I replace the word Form? What is the Definition of Form.

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Synonym of Form (verb)

style fashion pattern system design mode model scheme structure plan profile cut silhouette outline figure articulation die appearance conformation anatomy cast construction formation framework embodiment configuration mold contour skeleton

Example of Form

Example in a Sentences of Form

Example Sentences for form

They form one of the principal ingredients of a good time (see Paris).

"There's only one form of persuasion to use with an hombre," commented Henderson, gently.

Shall that form be clasped in the arms of a base-born peasant?

Directly Puss saw him in this form she jumped at him and killed him on the spot.

I shook my head and tried to form the letters with her fingers; but she got more and more angry.

It is softer than silver, and it can be punched into almost any form.

Still there was no trace of grossness in their form or expression.

The plough has hardly moved on before the crust begins to form again.

Needless to say, this form of instruction is in no sense scientific.

It is like taboo, and is, in fact, the form of taboo in high civilization.

Word Origin & History of - Form

Word Origin & History of Form

Word Origin & History

form early 13c., from O.Fr. forme, from L. forma "form, mold, shape, case," origin unknown. One theory holds that it is from Gk. morphe "form, beauty, outward appearance" (see morphine) via Etruscan. Sense of "behavior" is first recorded late 14c. The verb is attested from c.1300. Related: Formed; forming.

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