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Top ten synonyms Forecast. What are 5 "Forecast synonyms"? What is a better word for Forecast? What's another word for Forecast? How can I replace the word Forecast? What is the Definition of Forecast.

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Synonym of Forecast (verb)

outlook projection calculation budget prognosis estimate foreknowledge conjecture anticipation precognition augury guess forethought foresight cast planning prognostication prophecy divination foretoken foreseeing prescience prevision foretelling

Example of Forecast

Example in a Sentences of Forecast

Example Sentences for forecast

Lincoln with a forecast of this had shaped his ends accordingly.

In this he rose above his wonted level, and spoke with a prophet's forecast.

(Fig. 6); and although its stability was not perfect, it was an interesting machine—a forecast of the monoplane of the future.

I must try to explain Socialism as an ideal, as a forecast of the future.

The consequences they forecast follow only from a distorted, and often meaningless, use of the terms employed.

She had forecast all manner of agreeable contingencies as the probable outcome.

Many heard what she spake, and a murmur of joy ran through the ranks of men: for they deemed her words to forecast victory.

The Chinese consider this hand as a forecast of misfortunes to come.

The air is full of speculations, of attempts to forecast coming developments, the growth, the improvement that is to be.

He derides the prophet: "Go home, old man, and forecast for thy children!"

Word Origin & History of - Forecast

Word Origin & History of Forecast

Word Origin & History

forecast late 14c., "to scheme," from fore "before" + casten "contrive." Meaning "predict events" first attested late 15c. Related: Forecasted; forecasting.

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