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Flourishing Definition Flourishing Meaning in Bengali

"Flourishing Synonyms"

Top ten synonyms Flourishing. What are 5 "Flourishing synonyms"? What is a better word for Flourishing? What's another word for Flourishing? How can I replace the word Flourishing? What is the Definition of Flourishing.

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Synonym of Flourishing (adj)

prosperous blooming growing thriving roaring rank exuberant lush luxuriant profuse rampant rich robust successful vigorous burgeoning expanding mushrooming doing well going strong in full swing in the pink in top form

Example of Flourishing

Example in a Sentences of Flourishing

Example Sentences for flourishing

“Howd hard, mester,” said the big smith, flourishing about his hammer.

The gardens were visited, and several of the plants were in a flourishing condition.

Now, after a few days' absence, he found a flourishing village, and one by no means devoid of interest and attraction.

Where are the cities which were flourishing when David sang?

Before ascending the hill, the young man walked through his garden in the crater, where everything was flourishing and doing well.

Yet it was so, and the business was in a most flourishing condition.

And even through the rainy months of winter the cattle have kept themselves fat and flourishing.

Every one feels that he is nourishing, and flourishing by his own efforts.

Its woody thorns are more abundant and stronger than when when flourishing in richer soil.

Schools were flourishing, and there was even a university of sorts.

Word Origin & History of - Flourishing

Word Origin & History of Flourishing

Word Origin & History

flourish c.1300, "to blossom, grow," from O.Fr. floriss-, stem of florir, from L. florere "to bloom, blossom, flower," from flos "a flower" (see flora). Metaphoric sense of "thrive" is mid-14c. Meaning "to brandish (a weapon)" first attested late 14c. Related: Flourished; flourishing. The noun meaning "literary or rhetorical embellishment" is from c.1600.

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