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Floriculture Definition Floriculture Meaning in Bengali

"Floriculture Synonyms"

Top ten synonyms Floriculture. What are 5 "Floriculture synonyms"? What is a better word for Floriculture? What's another word for Floriculture? How can I replace the word Floriculture? What is the Definition of Floriculture.

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Synonym of Floriculture (noun)

cultivation farming agriculture viniculture arboriculture viticulture groundskeeping

Example of Floriculture

Example in a Sentences of Floriculture

Example Sentences for floriculture

This, as far as we know, was the first attempt at the use of floriculture in time pieces.

The Germans and Swiss had to come in and show us about market-gardening and floriculture.

This last has given that training which makes him an authority along the line of floriculture.

Modern floriculture and vegetable-gardening are likely to run the year round.

To the amateur who has had no special training in floriculture, the introduction of even a simple water spout is of interest.

From the early Greeks the Romans took their first lesson in floriculture.

Novels are not handbooks on floriculture, banking, railways, or the management of department stores.

Occasionally, all attempt at floriculture or gardening is abandoned.

Floriculture is an employment appropriate to all classes, ages, and conditions.

A taste for floriculture is spreading amongst Anglo-Indians.

Word Origin & History of - Floriculture

Word Origin & History of Floriculture

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