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Flawless Definition Flawless Meaning in Bengali

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Top ten synonyms Flawless. What are 5 "Flawless synonyms"? What is a better word for Flawless? What's another word for Flawless? How can I replace the word Flawless? What is the Definition of Flawless.

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Synonym of Flawless (adj)

perfect impeccable unblemished immaculate unbroken absolute entire faultless irreproachable sound undamaged unimpaired unsullied whole unmarred

Example of Flawless

Example in a Sentences of Flawless

Example Sentences for flawless

He was fastidious and hyper-critical to a degree, and he wished her ring to suit her, to be flawless.

Dramatically it was a flawless performance; intellectually it was masterful.

Above the open collar of her brown riding costume stood the flawless column of a fair and tall white throat.

I dug deeper and it came up in chunks, and it was fine and flawless.

In 1799 he carried to Paris and there showed to Lalande several discs of flawless crystal four to six inches in diameter.

He shot her a covert glance—causelessly, for her naiveté was flawless.

The principal aim is to furnish a final and responsible assurance that the title is flawless.

Trust me to work things to a highly artistic and flawless finish.

If I live to be a hundred and one I shall never forget the second night, which was a night of a splendid, flawless full moon.

Here was the flawless poetry of recreation, the perfection of travel.

Word Origin & History of - Flawless

Word Origin & History of Flawless

Word Origin & History

flawless 1640s, from flaw + -less. Related: Flawlessly.

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