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Top ten synonyms Firm. What are 5 "Firm synonyms"? What is a better word for Firm? What's another word for Firm? How can I replace the word Firm? What is the Definition of Firm.

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Synonym of Firm (verb)

tough sturdy solid hard unyielding substantial rigid thick stiff compact concentrated condensed set refractory concrete hardened close heavy dense impenetrable impermeable impervious inelastic solidified compressed congealed jelled close-grained fine-grained nonporous

Example of Firm

Example in a Sentences of Firm

Example Sentences for firm

"Doane gone to San Francisco on business of the firm," it said.

"I will return soon," said he, again in that quiet, firm voice.

I told him he was a fool; but the idea was firm stuck in his head, and more I could not get out of him.

There is no danger I believe: Mr Rowland will be firm on that head.

"For Lucy's sake we ought to be firm," continued Mrs. Merriman.

What was his chin for, if he could not give her a firm support in a thing like this?

We brush a little dirt around the plant, and firm it with the blade of the hoe.

There was a firm in Vermont, however, who believed in the sand blast.

Nevertheless the master was conscious that his own arm was scarcely as firm as his companion's.

We had discovered the night before the location of the firm.

Word Origin & History of - Firm

Word Origin & History of Firm

Word Origin & History

firm late 14c., from O.Fr. ferme, from L. firmus "firm, stable," from PIE base *dher(e)- "to hold, support" (cf. Skt. dharmah "custom, law," Gk. thronos "seat," Lith. dirzmas "strong," Welsh dir "hard," Breton dir "steel"). The return in late 1500s to -i- from M.E. ferme was modeled on the Latin. Related: Firmly; firmness.

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