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Top ten synonyms Fine. What are 5 "Fine synonyms"? What is a better word for Fine? What's another word for Fine? How can I replace the word Fine? What is the meaning of Fine in English?

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Synonym of Fine (verb)

beautiful outstanding magnificent elegant subtle refined expensive superior handsome fashionable striking attractive lovely admirable smart exceptional well-made pleasant cool great first-rate rare splendid solid accomplished neat exquisite dandy top capital choice crack aces select mean enjoyable first-class gnarly good-looking ornate showy skillful supreme top-notch unreal wicked first-string five-star gilt-edged not too shabby

Example of Fine

Example in a Sentences of Fine

Example Sentences for fine

He had been bothered by no fine qualms about abandoning herself.

It must not be; nay, should my lady know it—ay, then were fine work indeed!

Of a sudden it grew lighter, and the rain dwindled to a fine mist.

"What a fine target we would make for them, too," he thought.

Both Ireland and England are famous for fine dairy products.

I went to the clerk of the court and paid Captain Boomsby's fine.

"There are some fine waves this morning," she said triumphantly.

If only the riffles were saving it and the tables catching the fine gold!

It was in the month of May, and not likely to be otherwise than fine.

The next day we went on board of a fine steamer bound to St. Louis.

Word Origin & History of - Fine

Word Origin & History of Fine

Word Origin & History

fine c.1300, from O.Fr. fin "perfected, of highest quality," from L. finis "end, limit" (see finish); hence "acme, peak, height," as in finis boni "the highest good." In French, the main meaning remains "delicate, intricately skillful;" in English since mid-15c. fine is also a general expression of admiration or approval, the equivalent of Fr. beau (cf. fine arts, 1767, translating Fr. beaux-arts). Related: Finely; finer; finest. Fine print "qualifications and limitations of a deal" first recorded 1960. Fine-tune (v.) is 1969, a back-formation from fine-tuning (1924), originally in reference to receivers.

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