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Top ten synonyms Feeling. What are 5 "Feeling synonyms"? What is a better word for Feeling? What's another word for Feeling? How can I replace the word Feeling? What is the Definition of Feeling.

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Synonym of Feeling (noun)

reaction perception pain feel sensitivity excitement sense pleasure awareness responsiveness sensuality consciousness enjoyment tactility perceiving titillation activity excitation receptivity sensibility reflex tangibility innervation excitability motility motor response

Example of Feeling

Example in a Sentences of Feeling

Example Sentences for feeling

“We came here with a feeling of contrition, yet not wholly ashamed,” he said.

The day was sunny but cold, and there was a feeling of autumnal dampness in the air.

“I suppose so,” replied Herbert, feeling that his education had been neglected.

The only feeling he retained for his fellow-men was that of an amused contempt.

"She's feeling pretty well, for her," Mr. Moore said placidly.

Purposely, he put no card with them, feeling that she would guess the sender.

I had cast off all feeling, subdued all anguish to riot in the excess of my despair.

They are allowed divorce, but not without some feeling of annoyance with them if they use it.

Borne upon by a feeling of something wrong he made a protest.

Now the revulsion of feeling was so great that I nearly fainted.

Word Origin & History of - Feeling

Word Origin & History of Feeling

Word Origin & History

feeling "emotion," mid-14c., verbal noun from feel (q.v.).

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