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Feebly Definition Feebly Meaning in Bengali

"Feebly Synonyms"

Top ten synonyms Feebly. What are 5 "Feebly synonyms"? What is a better word for Feebly? What's another word for Feebly? How can I replace the word Feebly? What is the Definition of Feebly.

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Synonym of Feebly (adv)

clumsily awkwardly poorly carelessly crudely haphazardly incompetently ineffectively negligently stupidly unfavorably unfortunately unsatisfactorily wrong wrongly weakly abominably blunderingly defectively erroneously faultily imperfectly ineptly maladroitly shoddily unskillfully unsuccessfully

Example of Feebly

Example in a Sentences of Feebly

Example Sentences for feebly

Miss Meredith, who seemed to have gained some confidence by my presence, had feebly uttered my name.

Slowly and feebly he set out on his long journey back to Green Bay.

II dont know what it will do to her, Carter struggled on feebly.

He pushed his way into the hotel and feebly ascended the stairs as if he had business there.

Then he feebly essayed to look beyond her, as if her head interposed between his own view and something behind.

He opened his eyes and smiled, and feebly moved his hand toward Sam's.

So terminated the series of events which I have but feebly presented.

Daisy saw her feebly ascend the stairs, clutching the banisters.

Feebly and hesitatingly his breath fluttered upon his pallid lips.

“How can I ever thank you,” said George, feebly but gratefully.

Word Origin & History of - Feebly

Word Origin & History of Feebly

Word Origin & History

feebly late 13c., from feeble + -ly (2).

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