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Fearful Definition Fearful Meaning in Bengali

"Fearful Synonyms"

Top ten synonyms Fearful. What are 5 "Fearful synonyms"? What is a better word for Fearful? What's another word for Fearful? How can I replace the word Fearful? What is the Definition of Fearful.

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Synonym of Fearful (adj)

shy timid afraid hesitant nervous scared anxious uneasy tense agitated jittery frightened skittish panicky aghast chicken diffident disturbed fainthearted intimidated jumpy lily-livered mousy nerveless nervy perturbed phobic pusillanimous shaky sheepish shrinking solicitous spineless timorous tremulous unmanly worried yellow chickenhearted quivery aflutter discomposed disquieted goose-bumpy have cold feet in a dither rabbity running scared weak-kneed

Example of Fearful

Example in a Sentences of Fearful

Example Sentences for fearful

I had frequent backache and fearful headaches, blinding me with pain.

It must be this sort of blindness which had led her so far in so fearful a delusion.

A fearful uproar of barking, howling, and snorting, followed.

The mother, suddenly awakened, groaned and screamed, so that it was fearful to hear her.

Be that as it may, a fearful cry arose that she was going down.

The more I labored, the closer he clung to me, as if fearful that I should escape his grasp.

Only, if the church be an offender on this score, how fearful must be the crime of the walls?

But think of the fearful struggle, and the long, gasping agony on the shore.

His servant was alarmed by startling screams, entered his room, and found his master in fearful convulsions.

During the fearful excitement I had forgotten all about the sharks.

Word Origin & History of - Fearful

Word Origin & History of Fearful

Word Origin & History

fearful mid-14c., causing fear, from fear + -ful. Meaning full of fear, timid (now rare) is from mid-14c. As a mere emphatic, from 1630s. Related: Fearfully; fearfulness-.

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