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Top ten synonyms Fault. What are 5 "Fault synonyms"? What is a better word for Fault? What's another word for Fault? How can I replace the word Fault? What is the Definition of Fault.

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Synonym of Fault (verb)

omission negligence defect misconduct offense indiscretion crime wrongdoing responsibility oversight flaw weakness liability wrong misdeed miscue lapse failing blunder transgression guilt error onus misdemeanor trespass impropriety vice malpractice solecism accountability culpability inaccuracy dereliction malfeasance infirmity slip frailty delinquency foible peccancy slip-up answerability evil doing loss of innocence

Example of Fault

Example in a Sentences of Fault

Example Sentences for fault

Moreover, the saddest of precisians could find no fault with the conduct of the shop.

The probability was that she had no one to blame but herself—if fault there was.

It wasn't his fault, and he wouldn't take the blame; he was only going by orders all the time.

Why, it would be simply monstrous if your career were spoilt through no fault of your own.

She is sold for no fault, but simply because her owner must have money.

Through no fault of her own, she is placed in a difficult position.

"This is their misfortune or failing, not the fault of the system," returned Ida.

"It's more than half your fault," went on the man on the real side of the mirror.

If the countryman does not live on the best the fault is his own.

If the expedition fails to get a good catch, the fault is laid to the men.

Word Origin & History of - Fault

Word Origin & History of Fault

Word Origin & History

fault late 13c., "deficiency," from O.Fr. faute "lack, deficiency," from V.L. *fallita "a shortcoming, falling," noun use of fem. pp., from L. falsus, pp. of fallere "deceive, disappoint" (see false). The -l- was restored 1400s, probably in imitation of L., but was not pronounced till 18c. Sense of "physical defect" is from early 14c.; that of "moral culpability" is first recorded late 14c. Geological sense is from 1796. The use in tennis (c.1600) is closer to the etymological sense. The verb is first recorded 1550s in the sense "to find fault with." Related: Faulted; faulter; faulting.

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