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Top ten synonyms Fancy. What are 5 "Fancy synonyms"? What is a better word for Fancy? What's another word for Fancy? How can I replace the word Fancy? What is the Definition of Fancy.

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Synonym of Fancy (verb)

decorative gaudy lavish sumptuous elegant complicated ornate deluxe special elaborate custom chichi rich baroque rococo cushy fanciful florid intricate ostentatious resplendent showy spiffy unusual frilly adorned garnished gingerbread decorated beautifying embellished froufrou

Example of Fancy

Example in a Sentences of Fancy

Example Sentences for fancy

She has deposited the old man in that easy-chair for a doze, I fancy.

And something more than learned, I should think,” said Hester; “I fancy she is wise.

He therefore went straight to her room from Fancy Quinglet's.

As it grew late, I began to fancy all manner of accidents that might befall you.

"Feels a bit grumpy, I fancy," thought Noel, with a suppressed grin.

I have taken quite a fancy to you, Mr. Beecot, and you shall know what I do.

That, I fancy, is a serious lesson of history—and of philosophy.

You are judging us with yourself as a basis of contrast, I fancy!

They sometimes perform this dance in the summer, when the fancy takes them.

No flight of his fancy could imagine the real humour of it all.

Word Origin & History of - Fancy

Word Origin & History of Fancy

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