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Top ten synonyms Fall. What are 5 "Fall synonyms"? What is a better word for Fall? What's another word for Fall? How can I replace the word Fall? What is the Definition of Fall.

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Synonym of Fall (verb)

decline plunge spill drop slump recession reduction decrease dip slope plummet incline declivity tumble dive slant ebb lessening header abatement cut slip diminution downgrade lapse belly flop dwindling pratfall downward slope falling off nose dive

Example of Fall

Example in a Sentences of Fall

Example Sentences for fall

The snow had ceased to fall, the thunder was gone, and the city was quiet.

Nothing so true as what you once let fall, “Most women have no characters at all.”

No ring of the axe, no shout of the driver, no fall of the tree broke the silence.

May be it may get you an appetite to see us fall to before you.

Thus, the sand will be undermined by the waves, and this will cause the block to fall into the sea.

If that girl should fall once more into the clutches of the Spaniards.

Aroused from his nap by the shot, he had leaped to the window and seen the man fall.

The abrupt fall was not more than a foot now, and I had strong hopes that we could overcome it.

But on the twenty-first of December, the snow began to fall.

His legs refused to obey his will and he had to fall back to a walk.

Word Origin & History of - Fall

Word Origin & History of Fall

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