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Top ten synonyms Fake. What are 5 "Fake synonyms"? What is a better word for Fake? What's another word for Fake? How can I replace the word Fake? What is the Definition of Fake.

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Synonym of Fake (verb)

spurious phony fraudulent fictitious forged counterfeit mock bogus affected pseudo assumed pretended reproduction simulated make-believe invented sham artificial fabricated concocted

Example of Fake

Example in a Sentences of Fake

Example Sentences for fake

The Scheftels corporation was said to have got away with millions of dollars by selling "fake mining stocks."

Oh, I could go into the business and fake it of course,—like all the others—or most of them.

"All lies and fake figures," he said, but in a doubtful croak.

This record is a fake—it has been substituted for the original!

The fake was short-lived, even at the yearly fairs, and now has sunk too low for them.

The fourth number, as you doubtless surmise, is also a fake.

After that Tubby closed up, possibly under the impression that the others would call him a fake.

"We'll have to fake that part of the fight," said a reporter.

She flashed past the 190tri-motor, nosed up, and poured another volley of fake bullets at the big ship.

If I signed that fake confession Hawk Kennedy signed it too.

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Word Origin & History of Fake

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