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Top ten synonyms Fabric. What are 5 "Fabric synonyms"? What is a better word for Fabric? What's another word for Fabric? How can I replace the word Fabric? What is the Definition of Fabric.

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Synonym of Fabric (noun)

textile fiber texture goods web stuff bolt

Example of Fabric

Example in a Sentences of Fabric

Example Sentences for fabric

That their small wings could wring such a sound from the fabric of the air was unbelievable.

Flag that his forefathers had fashioned from the fabric of their vision, must the vision be forgotten?

The fabric is extremely expensive, and none but the wealthy can afford it.

He was a study in brown, as to fabric of attire and its accessories.

I now come to what Bishop Robert did with regard to the fabric of the church.

The pitching schooner groaned and grunted and squalled in all her fabric.

Of course, this was verification absolute of all the fabric of lies that the poet-forger had spun for Captain Jamie.

Abruptly, from the mizzen-mast, came a snap of breakage and crash of fabric.

In other words, the gun had caught on a piece of fabric and pulled these fibers loose.

It was only the fabric covering it, which ripped off in great strips.

Word Origin & History of - Fabric

Word Origin & History of Fabric

Word Origin & History

fabric late 15c., "building, thing made," from M.Fr. fabrique, from L. fabrica "workshop," from faber "artisan who works in hard materials." Sense evolved via "manufactured material" (1753) to "textile" (1791).

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