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Top ten synonyms Extraordinary. What are 5 "Extraordinary synonyms"? What is a better word for Extraordinary? What's another word for Extraordinary? How can I replace the word Extraordinary? What is the Definition of Extraordinary.

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Synonym of Extraordinary (adj)

fantastic remarkable outstanding unheard-of marvelous curious bizarre odd special unusual incredible phenomenal singular terrific amazing strange unprecedented unimaginable exceptional uncommon particular unique rare surprising weird boss flash gnarly heavy inconceivable out of the ordinary peculiar stupendous unfamiliar unthinkable wicked unwonted fab off beaten path

Example of Extraordinary

Example in a Sentences of Extraordinary

Example Sentences for extraordinary

The temptation to burst out and tell her of my feelings was extraordinary.

The consequence was that Sara had a most extraordinary wardrobe.

Why may turnkeys be said to have extraordinary powers of digestion?

He knew a little and guessed a lot about its extraordinary ramifications.

Those are his Beaux Arts pictures; extraordinary, aren't they?

It is remarkable on account of the extraordinary way in which its young are developed.

He passes there for the most extraordinary serpent that was ever seen.

It is extraordinary, the skill the Indians will display on these occasions.

Their mode of retaliating an insult or injury was extraordinary.

I lived there in 1857—an extraordinary year there in real-estate matters.

Word Origin & History of - Extraordinary

Word Origin & History of Extraordinary

Word Origin & History

extraordinary early 15c., from L. extraordinarius, from extra ordinem "out of order," especially the usual order, from extra- "out" + ordinem (nom. ordo) "order." Related: Extraordinarily.

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