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Top ten synonyms Extension. What are 5 "Extension synonyms"? What is a better word for Extension? What's another word for Extension? How can I replace the word Extension? What is the Definition of Extension.

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Synonym of Extension (noun)

delay increase development expansion postponement purview sweep production supplement radius arm stretch broadening amplification span addition adjunct spread branch scope protraction annex reach appendix augmentation extent compass prolongation elongation orbit appendage addendum wing continuing lengthening widening stretching dilatation distension drawing out spreading out

Example of Extension

Example in a Sentences of Extension

Example Sentences for extension

The extension of the empire, therefore, is an extension of religion.

It was simply an extension of the usage of aristocratic households.

It also assists in the movement of extension of the hand as a whole.

The extension of slavery ought to be barred by all legal means.

The Congress should consider the extension of the eight-hour law.

Property is an extension of human personality and must be respected as such.

The Spanish Government was anxious, if possible, to avoid an extension of the war in Germany.

Expectation of high figures is an extension of literate expectations.

In connexion with extension elaborate psycho-physical experiments have been devised,.

But this extension is not the sum total of genetic and cultural evolution.

Word Origin & History of - Extension

Word Origin & History of Extension

Word Origin & History

extension c.1400, from L. extensionem/extentionem, noun of action from extendere. In a concrete sense, "extended portion of something" (a railroad, etc.), from 1852. Telephone sense is from 1906

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