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Top ten synonyms Exquisite. What are 5 "Exquisite synonyms"? What is a better word for Exquisite? What's another word for Exquisite? How can I replace the word Exquisite? What is the meaning of Exquisite in English?

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Synonym of Exquisite (adj)

perfect precise charming impeccable polished splendid striking rare meticulous superb elegant ethereal delicate delicious subtle refined lovely admirable attractive choice comely consummate dainty discerning discriminating fastidious fine flawless incomparable irreproachable matchless outstanding peerless pleasing precious select selective superior superlative cultivated errorless recherché

Example of Exquisite

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Example Sentences for exquisite

In 1646, the statues and figures of gilt copper, of exquisite workmanship, were sold.

It is the exquisite pagan athirst in you, scorched by the fire of spring.

The scene in the house of the Archdeacon of Bangor is too exquisite for any one to desire it to be proved a fable.

Many other exquisite designs were the product of its flexibility and transparency.

Before me stood a young man with deep blue eyes, blond hair, exquisite daintiness of feature and unnaturally pale complexion.

Behind him is a landscape of exquisite brilliancy and depth.

I dare not trust myself with any description of the exquisite beauty of the different colleges, and their walks and gardens.

The girls adorn their cotton gowns with ‘compass work,’ exact, exquisite.

That simple incident summoned up a train of exquisite reminiscences.

Under what exquisite politeness would he not have concealed his triumph!

Word Origin & History of - Exquisite

Word Origin & History of Exquisite

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