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Expired Definition Expired Meaning in Bengali

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Top ten synonyms Expired. What are 5 "Expired synonyms"? What is a better word for Expired? What's another word for Expired? How can I replace the word Expired? What is the Definition of Expired.

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Synonym of Expired (verb)

quit finish depart conclude die lapse terminate cease pass close run out pass away decease elapse end perish stop go croak bite the dust kick the bucket pass over strike out buy it cash in chips pass on up and die

Example of Expired

Example in a Sentences of Expired

Example Sentences for expired

My term on the District had now expired, and a new appointment must follow.

It was evident he was sinking fast, and before sunrise he expired.

Here Augustus expired, in the same room in which his father Octavius had breathed his last.

I could not leave the spot where he had expired, without having buried him as well as I could.

The poison was very speedy in its effects; for Philopœmen, being extremely weak and feeble, expired in a moment.

With these words the Captain let his head drop, and expired.

He was taken to the French hospital, where he expired two days later.

Before ten minutes had expired the members were all in their seats.

After three wonderful days I returned to camp as my leave had expired.

My term of enlistment had expired when they let me out a fine day in mid August.

Word Origin & History of - Expired

Word Origin & History of Expired

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