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Top ten synonyms Expend. What are 5 "Expend synonyms"? What is a better word for Expend? What's another word for Expend? How can I replace the word Expend? What is the Definition of Expend.

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Synonym of Expend (verb)

consume dispense disburse put out dissipate blow splurge finish give pay distribute employ dish out foot the bill go through lay out outlay shell out use up ante up fork out pay out spring for throw money at wash up

Example of Expend

Example in a Sentences of Expend

Example Sentences for expend

God alone is in the secret of the energy we expend upon our occult triumphs over man, over things, over ourselves.

But do you suppose I am willing to expend what has been saved through your economy?

But, with a persistency that was exasperatingalarmingthe storm continued to expend its fury.

I should have fired oftener, but was unwilling to expend more of my powder.

Shall we then take that which might relieve them, and expend it in procuring conveniences, elegancies, and luxuries for ourselves?

The men were therefore ordered not to expend a single shot uselessly.

They begged him to reconsider his resolution, and offered to expend £50 of the money at White Lake.

But it is not sought after with the avarice to hoard, but with the ostentation to expend.

Considering its great fury, the storm took long to expend itself; it was upwards of three hours before the thunder ceased.

Henri Dubois could not afford to expend his breath in useless curses.

Word Origin & History of - Expend

Word Origin & History of Expend

Word Origin & History

expend early 15c., from L. expendere "pay out," from ex- "out" + pendere "to pay, weigh" (see pendant). Related: Expended; expending.

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