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Top ten synonyms Expatriation. What are 5 "Expatriation synonyms"? What is a better word for Expatriation? What's another word for Expatriation? How can I replace the word Expatriation? What is the Definition of Expatriation.

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Synonym of Expatriation (noun)

deportation proscription expulsion ostracism extradition banishment

Example of Expatriation

Example in a Sentences of Expatriation

Example Sentences for expatriation

He was as good as a Viceroyship of India without the necessity of expatriation.

What benefit might he derive from Mark's expatriation—that is the question?

Were princes and peers in our day degraded by working, in their expatriation, with head or hand for bread?

Will she herself consent to expatriation and the parting from her sister and yourself?

Eric believed in peace, but scarcely to the point of expatriation.

The right of expatriation was not at this time conceded by the British Government.

Do you think, Miss Johnson, that he had any knowledge of the law of expatriation?

To these New Christians, as we have seen, expatriation was forbidden.

Now, as I have intimated, these expatriation cases have all been decided on their individual merits.

Like Harte, James has suffered from the charge of expatriation.

Word Origin & History of - Expatriation

Word Origin & History of Expatriation

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