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Exonerate Definition Exonerate Meaning in Bengali

"Exonerate Synonyms"

Top ten synonyms Exonerate. What are 5 "Exonerate synonyms"? What is a better word for Exonerate? What's another word for Exonerate? How can I replace the word Exonerate? What is the Definition of Exonerate.

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Synonym of Exonerate (verb)

acquit vindicate pardon dismiss absolve exempt discharge justify exculpate relieve whitewash except free sanitize release liberate disburden let off let off hook wipe slate clean

Example of Exonerate

Example in a Sentences of Exonerate

Example Sentences for exonerate

This is clear from the pains you took to exonerate your conscience, in your generosity to the orphans.

"I believe you can exonerate the boy entirely," said the doctor.

As to the people on board the vessel, I exonerated them then, and I exonerate them now, from all blame.

Whether will the evidence preponderate to prove her your wife or to exonerate you?

Her consent makes no difference, and even the solicitation of the act on the part of the child will not exonerate the accused.

I cannot exonerate her, but she is at least sorry for her conduct.

The decided shake of the half-breed's head was sufficient to exonerate the ex-minister.

You will not like it when I tell you; but you must at least exonerate me: I am obliged to be frank.

We may regret their pitiful degradation, we may exonerate them from blame; none the less they are a pitiful crew.

I tell you, we can be as revengeful as any of you: but you will exonerate me.

Word Origin & History of - Exonerate

Word Origin & History of Exonerate

Word Origin & History

exonerate mid-15c., from L. exoneratus, pp. of exonerare "remove a burden, discharge," from ex- "off" + onus (gen. oneris) "burden." Related: Exonerated; exonerating.

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