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Top ten synonyms Exile. What are 5 "Exile synonyms"? What is a better word for Exile? What's another word for Exile? How can I replace the word Exile? What is the Definition of Exile.

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Synonym of Exile (noun)

dispersion proscription exclusion displacement expulsion diaspora ostracism migration separation expatriation scattering extradition banishment relegation

Example of Exile

Example in a Sentences of Exile

Example Sentences for exile

After the exile of Archelaus, his dominions were administered by his two brothers.

Why did this woman want Sylvia to marry him, and go into exile?

What other exile could have taught any secrets of monotony or dreariness to the daughter of a lone missionary?

Will you take me, also, out of this hell of plotting and scheming, and this chaos of exile and death?

He still remained a personage of importance in his exile, and played an influential part even in his last years.

Four times condemned to death, he died in exile at the age of eighty.

They allowed me to come quite close up to them, and to feed my pity upon their wild dejection in exile without stint.

For I am going to punish myself by exile for all the ill I have done you.

Then, his term of exile being ended, he returned to heaven, and there resumed his wonted duties.

An exile in London—“a refugee,” as it is termed—he scarce knew what to do.

Word Origin & History of - Exile

Word Origin & History of Exile

Word Origin & History

exile c.1300, from O.Fr. exillier, from L.L. exilare, from L. exilium "banishment," from exul "banished person," from ex- "away" + PIE root *al- "to wander" (cf. Gk. alasthai "I wander"). The noun is also c.1300. Derived in ancient times by folk etymology from L. solum "soil." Related: Exiled; exiling

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