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Top ten synonyms Exert. What are 5 "Exert synonyms"? What is a better word for Exert? What's another word for Exert? How can I replace the word Exert? What is the Definition of Exert.

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Synonym of Exert (verb)

expend wield bring to bear utilize apply exercise strive plug use dig toil work ply labor employ strain struggle push endeavor throw bring into play put out apply oneself give best shot make effort peg away pour it on put forth sweat it try hard give all one's got

Example of Exert

Example in a Sentences of Exert

Example Sentences for exert

The heathen, as a general remark, exert themselves no oftener and no longer than they feel the pressure of present want.

What attraction and counter-attraction they must exert upon each other!

Indeed, it was unusually hot, and somehow none of them aspired to exert themselves any more than they could help.

The crew had to exert their utmost strength to clear the end of the reef.

Ignorance, poverty, and crime and misery still exist and exert their evil influence in the world.

I will exert myself only on Markelov's account, our good Markelov!

I hope that you'll exert yourself in getting men to go up to the Stone; and pray let the river-people know, as they may turn out.

The knife had sunken deep, and Constans had to exert all his strength to withdraw it.

In conducting this experiment, care must be taken not to exert the slightest pressure on any part of the strip.

But no more on this head: you have reason, and you must exert it.

Word Origin & History of - Exert

Word Origin & History of Exert

Word Origin & History

exert 1640s, from L. exertus, pp. of exerere "thrust out, put forth," from ex- "out" + serere "attach, join" (see series). Related: Exerted; exerting. Exertion in the sense of "vigorous action" is from 1777.

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