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Top ten synonyms Exercise. What are 5 "Exercise synonyms"? What is a better word for Exercise? What's another word for Exercise? How can I replace the word Exercise? What is the Definition of Exercise.

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Synonym of Exercise (verb)

training task lesson workout act problem action examination drill activity test performance operation study movement exertion discipline pursuit constitutional labor theme recitation discharge toil occupation daily dozen calisthenics gym exercising warm-up drilling schoolwork

Example of Exercise

Example in a Sentences of Exercise

Example Sentences for exercise

Then, suddenly, I remembered that I must have outdoor air and exercise.

They have their influence, and exercise a degree of control in household matters.

If it was done well, it only remains to exercise faith and trust.

Blood revenge was nothing but an exercise of revenge and it had all the limitations of revenge.

A few weeks of leisure, country air, and exercise, I thought might be of essential service to me.

He looked for a minute as if he were trying to anticipate that day by the exercise of his reason.

Now I'll try that exercise of putting my hind legs round my ears which you say is so peculiarly comfortable.

We must acknowledge that these miraculous ways of grace are not attached to the exercise of our ministry.

This is as moche as is come into my remembraunce, aboute the order of the armie, and of the exercise of thesame.

When the body is well fed and clothed, the next demand is for exercise.

Word Origin & History of - Exercise

Word Origin & History of Exercise

Word Origin & History

exercise mid-14c., "condition of being in active operation," from O.Fr. exercice, from L. exercitium, from exercitare, frequentative of exercere "keep busy, drive on," lit. "remove restraint," from ex- "off" + arcere "keep away, prevent, enclose," from PIE *ark- "to hold, contain, guard" (see arcane). Original sense may have been driving farm animals to the field to plow; meaning "physical activity" first recorded in English late 14c. The ending was abstracted for formations such as dancercise (1967); jazzercise (1977); and boxercise (1985).

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