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Top ten synonyms Execrate. What are 5 "Execrate synonyms"? What is a better word for Execrate? What's another word for Execrate? How can I replace the word Execrate? What is the Definition of Execrate.

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Synonym of Execrate (verb)

imprecate abominate despise vilify curse reprehend reprove revile excoriate denounce censure objurgate detest damn condemn reprobate anathematize deplore abhor loathe accurse

Example of Execrate

Example in a Sentences of Execrate

Example Sentences for execrate

But the day will, come when they will execrate Pierce before Benedict Arnold, sir.

I execrate the enslavement of the mind of our young children by the ecclesiastics.

As it was, we could do nothing but stand there and execrate them, which naturally was useless.

And yet, have I a right to execrate the thrall of the beaker?

Why do we execrate in one set of men, what we laud so highly in another?

He longed to execrate aloud, to bring his fist down on something violently.

And just as I reverence this, do I execrate, with all my heart's indignation, a corrupt judicature.

I pity the man, I execrate and hate the man who has only to boast that he is white.

But they refused to execrate, and made peace with him on the condition of their paying tribute.

One learns in these aged lands to hate and execrate the past.

Word Origin & History of - Execrate

Word Origin & History of Execrate

Word Origin & History

execrate 1560s, from L. execrat-, pp. stem of execrari "to curse," from ex- + sacrare "to devote to" (see sacred). Hence, "to devote off or away; to curse." Related: Execrated; execrating.

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