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Top ten synonyms Excuse. What are 5 "Excuse synonyms"? What is a better word for Excuse? What's another word for Excuse? How can I replace the word Excuse? What is the Definition of Excuse.

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Synonym of Excuse (verb)

justification alibi apology trick rationalization pretext substitute whitewash disguise defense extenuation story stopgap evasion makeshift mitigation routine semblance song plea vindication shift cover stall subterfuge expedient grounds fish story song and dance jive regrets cleanup cop-out cover story coverup why and wherefore

Example of Excuse

Example in a Sentences of Excuse

Example Sentences for excuse

Excuse me for insinuating by this expression, that there may yet be amongst you some novices.

You were well employed: I think there is no objection to the excuse.

"There'll be no excuse if any one gets near the house without my permission," he snarled.

We are all faithless at times, and without the excuse of meek and anxious love.

There would be some excuse for one of my attainments feeling proud.

"I'm going into the library, if you'll excuse me, love," he said.

Is that trumped up, farcical idea, your excuse for fighting me?

Illness had not been accepted by the "posse" as an excuse for delay.

You will excuse me if I don't prase the erly settlers of the Kolonies.

So you may show a justification or excuse in the conduct of the plaintiff himself.

Word Origin & History of - Excuse

Word Origin & History of Excuse

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