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Exculpate Definition Exculpate Meaning in Bengali

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Top ten synonyms Exculpate. What are 5 "Exculpate synonyms"? What is a better word for Exculpate? What's another word for Exculpate? How can I replace the word Exculpate? What is the Definition of Exculpate.

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Synonym of Exculpate (verb)

acquit pardon vindicate rationalize clear dismiss absolve remit excuse free release discharge amnesty condone explain exonerate justify let off disculpate wipe slate clean

Example of Exculpate

Example in a Sentences of Exculpate

Example Sentences for exculpate

Again he had endeavored to exculpate himself, yet she could not believe that he was innocent.

Ossipon tried to exculpate the lukewarmness of his past conduct.

I did not attempt to answer the colonel, nor to exculpate myself; indeed, any appeal to him would have been of no avail.

I have made many inquiries about this affair, and they all tend to exculpate you.

I cannot exculpate any commercial nation from this sweeping censure.

She was quite feverish in her anxiety to condemn herself and exculpate her lover.

They do not exculpate Sainte-Beuve, but they at least free him from ridicule.

I flatter myself, Sir, that these reflections will exculpate me in your eyes.

Happily, the progress of research on the matter has tended to exculpate Talleyrand.

“For a time, only for a time,” she cried quickly, as if anxious to exculpate her father.

Word Origin & History of - Exculpate

Word Origin & History of Exculpate

Word Origin & History

exculpate 1650s, from M.L. exculpatus, pp. of exculpare, from L. ex culpa, from ex "from" + culpa abl. of culpa "blame." Related: Exculpated; exculpating.

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