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Top ten synonyms Exclaim. What are 5 "Exclaim synonyms"? What is a better word for Exclaim? What's another word for Exclaim? How can I replace the word Exclaim? What is the Definition of Exclaim.

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Synonym of Exclaim (noun)

blurt proclaim assert shout utter yell bellow ejaculate figure roar cry vociferate emit state call holler yawp declare call out burst out call aloud cry out rend the air say loudly

Example of Exclaim

Example in a Sentences of Exclaim

Example Sentences for exclaim

When exercised with dexterity, it was no wonder that the bewildered populace should exclaim, like the Sybil of Cum, Deus!

And we hear Lafayette exclaim, "Never did I behold so superb a man!"

You ought to have heard him laugh, and exclaim what happy days those were.

I hear you exclaim, that two have been forgotten, the hero and heroine?

It is the common cry to exclaim against the neglect of science in the present day.

Anything to wonder at will serve; anything about which they can exclaim.

I have heard persons who ought to have known better, exclaim on the danger of gazing upon one of the harmless reptiles.

A little rough, my friend the reader will exclaim, for the aforesaid militia.

After a time he was heard to exclaim: 'I have borne it away!

But we will have it, people exclaimed, all those ages ago, and exclaim ever since.

Word Origin & History of - Exclaim

Word Origin & History of Exclaim

Word Origin & History

exclaim late 15c., from M.Fr. exclamer, from L. exclamare "cry out loud," from ex- intensive prefix + clamare "cry out, call" (see claim). Spelling influenced by claim. Related: Exclaimed; exclaiming.

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