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Top ten synonyms Exanimate. What are 5 "Exanimate synonyms"? What is a better word for Exanimate? What's another word for Exanimate? How can I replace the word Exanimate? What is the Definition of Exanimate.

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Synonym of Exanimate (adj)

departed gone lost finished cold former asleep defunct extinct inanimate late lifeless expired bit the dust gave up the ghost kicked the bucket passed on pushing up daisies

Example of Exanimate

Example in a Sentences of Exanimate

Example Sentences for exanimate

The frozen lash was soon severed and the two exanimate bodies lifted in eager hands.

Had it been downright misery she would have looked about her with less of her exanimate glassiness.

So long as I do not exanimate you with my letters, I remain content.

Thou shalt, when exanimate, be that which thou wert before thou wast animate.

Word Origin & History of - Exanimate

Word Origin & History of Exanimate

Word Origin & History

exanimate 1530s, from L. exanimatus, pp. of exanimare, from ex- + animare (see animate).

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