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Top ten synonyms Examination. What are 5 "Examination synonyms"? What is a better word for Examination? What's another word for Examination? How can I replace the word Examination? What is the Definition of Examination.

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Synonym of Examination (noun)

checkup scan probe questionnaire review research experiment inquiry exploration raid scrutiny interrogation investigation questioning audit search observation study trial survey diagnosis inspection breakdown inquisition inquest catechism exam perusal battery dissection quiz quest once-over tryout canvass assay reconnaissance oral final view third degree written cross-examination checking make-up grilling blue book legwork perlustration the eye

Example of Examination

Example in a Sentences of Examination

Example Sentences for examination

In 1873 I was a fourth-year man, going in for my Greats at the June examination.

The examination 631papers show the pet ideas of the examiners.

I guessed that this was the governor's room, and we should be put through our first examination.

An examination of his office by experts revealed the fact that he was wrong.

Doctor Gys had rather impatiently awaited the young man's return to consciousness that he might complete his examination.

He then asked permission to leave the book with me for examination.

No soldier should be allowed to enter this quarter without having undergone a like examination and having the same report.

An examination of its text will show how largely it was devoted to Emma's subjugation.

The writer simply sets forth the opinions which, after more or less of examination, he felt inclined to adopt.

An examination of the camp showed thirteen corpses, all stiffly frozen.

Word Origin & History of - Examination

Word Origin & History of Examination

Word Origin & History

examination late 14c., from Fr. examination, from L. examinationem, noun of action from examinare (see examine). Sense of "test of knowledge" is attested from 1610s; shortened form exam first attested 1848.

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