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Estimable Definition Estimable Meaning in Bengali

"Estimable Synonyms"

Top ten synonyms Estimable. What are 5 "Estimable synonyms"? What is a better word for Estimable? What's another word for Estimable? How can I replace the word Estimable? What is the meaning of Estimable in English?

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Synonym of Estimable (adjective)

praiseworthy admirable appreciable august big name big time commendable decent deserving excellent good high-powered honored laudable major league name noble reputable reputed respectable respected sterling valuable valued venerable esteemed admired in limelight meretorious meritable palmary praisable well-thought-of

Example of Estimable

Example in a Sentences of Estimable

Example Sentences for estimable

Why should you wish so estimable an individual to be locked up?

And what do the wives of our estimable M.P.'s think of all this?

That we must attribute to cats the estimable virtue of benevolence, Mrs F— gives me two anecdotes to prove.

Daggett is anything but dull and inoffensive, and if he can play that estimable rôle——!

"Oh, we have had quite enough of misconceptions," said that estimable lady, with what appeared to be another shot at Wallace.

He was bringing it to his Honor when the estimable gendarme had stopped him.

Still, I have been inclined to wonder how you were getting on with my estimable relatives and connections.

I've liberated my mind, estimable Binkie, with the feathers in his mouth.

Robespierre is estimable only because he has made some fine phrases.

The very best sort; a most estimable fellow,—one of a thousand.

Word Origin & History of - Estimable

Word Origin & History of Estimable

Word Origin & History

estimable mid-15c., from Fr. estimable, from L. aestimare (see esteem).

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