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Erode Definition Erode Meaning in Bengali

"Erode Synonyms"

Top ten synonyms Erode. What are 5 "Erode synonyms"? What is a better word for Erode? What's another word for Erode? How can I replace the word Erode? What is the meaning of Erode in English?

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Synonym of Erode (verb)

destroy corrode gnaw consume disintegrate bite crumble scour spoil waste eat abrade wear down grind down

Example of Erode

Example in a Sentences of Erode

Example Sentences for erode

There has not been time to erode them away since the Pleistocene glaciation.

This limit of the level of the sea beneath which they cannot erode is known as baselevel.

Secure in its grip, these are used as graving-tools to erode its bed.

To erode a stratum 5000 feet thick will require at this rate thirty million years.

They were, I think, harder than metal, yet they had been here long enough for the elements to erode them into featureless shards.

The area up-stream from the culvert will not erode below the level of the top of the box at the inlet end.

When Erode saw this, he said: "I think it is hard to tug at a rope with a strong man."

It would take a lot of time to erode away that much massive stone.

We'll call it Apple-pie Island and it can't corrode or erode or whatever you call it, either, because it's boxed in!

Even in the zone of solution water may under certain circumstances deposit as well as erode.

Word Origin & History of - Erode

Word Origin & History of Erode

Word Origin & History

erode 1610s; see erosion. Related: Eroded; eroding.

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