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Top ten synonyms Equipped. What are 5 "Equipped synonyms"? What is a better word for Equipped? What's another word for Equipped? How can I replace the word Equipped? What is the Definition of Equipped.

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Synonym of Equipped (adjective)

furnished clothed supplied armed completed appointed fitted set up dressed rigged provided harnessed decked accoutered arrayed assembled bedecked implemented appareled readied

Example of Equipped

Example in a Sentences of Equipped

Example Sentences for equipped

At least one of us will be here at all times, equipped with gas guns.

Well armed and equipped, they started the very next morning for the North.

Even an old house can be equipped with ceiling, wall and baseboard outlets with but little expense or inconvenience to you.

Some of the mills are equipped with machinery made in the United States.

After a fruitless cruise, Anson determined to burn three of the Spanish vessels which he had seized and equipped.

The Libyans too were equipped like those who served on foot, and these also all drove chariots.

I could have equipped a heat ray and fired along the curved Benson light into that lounge.

The Pamphylians furnished thirty ships and were equipped in Hellenic arms.

There every man is equipped, and drilled for a short time each year, but there is only a very small regular army.

All three were armed and equipped, in the most substantial manner.

Word Origin & History of - Equipped

Word Origin & History of Equipped

Word Origin & History

equip 1520s, from M.Fr. equiper "to fit out," from O.Fr. esquiper "fit out a ship," probably from O.N. skipa "fit out a ship," from skip "ship."

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