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Enmity Definition Enmity Meaning in Bengali

"Enmity Synonyms"

Top ten synonyms Enmity. What are 5 "Enmity synonyms"? What is a better word for Enmity? What's another word for Enmity? How can I replace the word Enmity? What is the Definition of Enmity.

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Synonym of Enmity (noun)

antagonism acrimony hostility bitterness rancor malice ill will animus alienation antipathy bad blood dislike loathing malignancy spite spleen malevolence aversion malignity venom detestation hate daggers unfriendliness uncordiality

Example of Enmity

Example in a Sentences of Enmity

Example Sentences for enmity

So long as the consuls were at enmity, little would be done!

It had a theory of affection in the former case and of enmity in the latter.

If a paper prints a line about him its his enemy, and it dont pay to have the enmity of a man worth nearly a hundred millions.

He can afford me no protection against the enmity of the brothers.

"Yes, but they ought not to let their enmity stand between us in a time like this," said Jack.

If he was incapable of enmity, he was also incapable of friendship.

But her enmity was quiet, and might have remained so had he not added insult to injury.

Every hour the enmity between the Boers and the English deepens in intensity.

The cry for "investigation" has always been simply the cry of enmity or envy, which no amount of investigation could ever satisfy.

But so long as the two are sharply divided there can be no enmity because there can be no rivalry.

Word Origin & History of - Enmity

Word Origin & History of Enmity

Word Origin & History

enmity c.1300, from O.Fr. enemistie, from V.L. *inimicitatem (nom. *inimicitas), from L. inimicitia "enmity, hostility," from inimicus "enemy" (see enemy). Related: Enmities.

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