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Engrave Definition Engrave Meaning in Bengali

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Top ten synonyms Engrave. What are 5 "Engrave synonyms"? What is a better word for Engrave? What's another word for Engrave? How can I replace the word Engrave? What is the meaning of Engrave in English?

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Synonym of Engrave (verb)

ingrain chisel inscribe imprint etch embed stipple cut scratch fix burn impress lodge ornament initial instill hatch print infix bite grave chase crosshatch lithograph diaper enchase intaglio mezzotint

Example of Engrave

Example in a Sentences of Engrave

Example Sentences for engrave

In some faces time seems to engrave lines delicately, once for all, and then lay by.

Find soft wood or stone and see if you can engrave some animal on it.

He proposed that Blake should engrave his design, and he would push it.

I had them to repair, polish and engrave, and now they are gone from my boat.

“Persistence, persistence, and persistence” is the motto which the student must engrave on his heart.

Schonberg, Mr. his attempts to engrave in metallic relief, 634.

This reads like Blake's struggles when he had not money enough to procure copper-plates on which to engrave his wonderful visions.

Perhaps some day I may be able to engrave it of the full size.

For a long time after Gillray became known as a caricaturist he continued to engrave the designs of other artists.

Listen to me attentively, and engrave my words on your mind.

Word Origin & History of - Engrave

Word Origin & History of Engrave

Word Origin & History

engrave c.1500, from en- + obsolete verb grave "carve" (see grave (v.)). Related: Engraved; engraving.

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