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Energy Definition Energy Meaning in Bengali

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Top ten synonyms Energy. What are 5 "Energy synonyms"? What is a better word for Energy? What's another word for Energy? How can I replace the word Energy? What is the Definition of Energy.

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Synonym of Energy (noun)

strength toughness power vitality stamina efficiency intensity spirit pizzazz get-up-and-go vim dash juice zing initiative go force puissance efficacy zip endurance pep liveliness application animation vehemence effectiveness might exertion life zest fire ardor activity punch pluck fortitude moxie hardihood spontaneity potency tuck zeal verve drive forcefulness enterprise virility muscle steam élan birr vivacity operativeness

Example of Energy

Example in a Sentences of Energy

Example Sentences for energy

She showed grace and energy in every movement and intellect and force in every glance.

He was a man of great intelligence, perseverance, energy, and determination.

I congratulate you upon the victory, which is due to your skill and energy.

"I'm not going to be 'mothered' by her," proclaimed Peggy with energy.

After your tearing up that deed, I'm not the man to waste my energy.

Energy, therefore, is the power which a body possesses to do work.

And there was so much movement and energy about them that he was kept amused.

Electro-kinetic energy is the energy due to electricity in motion.

I am now in my element, and the energy of my youth is reawakened.

They therefore wisely determined to retrace their steps with all energy.

Word Origin & History of - Energy

Word Origin & History of Energy

Word Origin & History

energy 1590s, from M.Fr. energie, from L.L. energia, from Gk. energeia "activity, operation," from energos "active, working," from en- "at" + ergon "work" (see urge (v.)). Used by Aristotle with a sense of "force of expression;" broader meaning of "power" is first recorded in English 1660s. Energy crisis first attested 1970.

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