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Elocutionist Definition Elocutionist Meaning in Bengali

"Elocutionist Synonyms"

Top ten synonyms Elocutionist. What are 5 "Elocutionist synonyms"? What is a better word for Elocutionist? What's another word for Elocutionist? How can I replace the word Elocutionist? What is the Definition of Elocutionist.

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Synonym of Elocutionist (noun)

lecturer speechmaker announcer rhetorician mouthpiece spokesperson orator after-dinner speaker keynoter public speaker

Example of Elocutionist

Example in a Sentences of Elocutionist

Example Sentences for elocutionist

Master the text, and consider the whole from an elocutionist's point of view before you attack the musical side of the matter.

Miss Carrie was an elocutionist and had even recited on the stage.

For the art of making your voice heard, I must refer you to an elocutionist.

A woman with stringy hair and an elocutionist's mouth, grew dramatic as he passed.

Miss Brown, the elocutionist, ranks as one of the finest in the country.

A young performer, vocalist or elocutionist, is often introduced at a luncheon.

As an elocutionist, he is, without doubt, the first on the anti-slavery platform.

An elocutionist of note read aloud one of the author's poems.

"Wal, I don't profess to be any elocutionist," Salters said.

He must get an elocutionist to give him lessons upon two or three points.

Word Origin & History of - Elocutionist

Word Origin & History of Elocutionist

Word Origin & History

elocution c.1500, from L.L. elocutionem (nom. elocutio) "voice production, manner of expression," in classical L. "oratorical expression," from eloqui "speak out."

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