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Eliminated Definition Eliminated Meaning in Bengali

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Top ten synonyms Eliminated. What are 5 "Eliminated synonyms"? What is a better word for Eliminated? What's another word for Eliminated? How can I replace the word Eliminated? What is the Definition of Eliminated.

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Synonym of Eliminated (adjective)

wipe out knock out oust dispose of get rid of waive stamp out ignore erase defeat cancel exclude disqualify phase out eradicate invalidate drop annihilate eject expel liquidate omit terminate slay discard disregard murder kill reject exterminate discharge dismiss waste evict bump off count out cut out dispense with do away with put out rub out rule out blot out cast out drive out leave out set aside shut the door on take out

Example of Eliminated

Example in a Sentences of Eliminated

Example Sentences for eliminated

If all the youths and old men, the sick and maimed, could have been eliminated from the Boer forces, eighty per cent.

Politics were not eliminated from the causes of trouble by Smith's death.

"If you were an agent of Candar we would have eliminated you," Pyuf said.

Some he eliminated from his design, stowing them back in the pockets easiest to reach.

The advantages of shearing over the more common mechanics of planing are largely lost unless the posterior plates are eliminated.

That consoled some; it eliminated the possible Friday bad luck.

When this hazard has been eliminated by further evolution, gliding will become a most popular sport.'

Only details, irrelevant for readers in America, have been eliminated.

All these distressing circumstances were eliminated in good King Asa's reign.

And that, so far as I could see, eliminated the possibilities.

Word Origin & History of - Eliminated

Word Origin & History of Eliminated

Word Origin & History

eliminate 1560s, from L. eliminatus, pp. of eliminare "thrust out of doors, expel," from ex limine "off the threshold," from ex "off, out" + limine, abl. of limen "threshold." Used literally at first; sense of "exclude" first attested 1714; sense of "expel waste from the body" is c.1795. Related: Eliminated; eliminating.

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