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Top ten synonyms Efficient. What are 5 "Efficient synonyms"? What is a better word for Efficient? What's another word for Efficient? How can I replace the word Efficient? What is the Definition of Efficient.

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Synonym of Efficient (adj)

profitable productive useful energetic able capable skillful powerful skilled dynamic potent active valuable economical competent tough adequate decisive accomplished adapted apt businesslike clever conducive deft economic effectual efficacious experienced expert fitted handy masterly organized practiced proficient qualified ready saving shrewd systematic talented virtuous equal to familiar with good at good for well-organized

Example of Efficient

Example in a Sentences of Efficient

Example Sentences for efficient

The extract is an efficient substitute for catechu and kino.

Throughout the struggle the papacy had a most efficient ally in the people.

I cannot do what I would do for want of sustained animal spirits and efficient bodily vigour.

The Illinois Indians, being more remote, had not been able to obtain the efficient European instruments of warfare.

The most efficient mixer is the one that gives the maximum product of standard quality at the least cost for production.

He assured them that if they would thus be true to themselves, the French would become their allies and send them efficient aid.

Any efficient man, he said to the Squire, able to keep pupils when once he had secured them, could not fail to do well at it.

The Old Man couldn't help but notice, and he'd see who was efficient in his region.

The most efficient refrigerators are iced at the side, the ice compartment opening to the cooling chamber at the top and bottom.

The patriotic and efficient town clerk, William Cooper, was also present.

Word Origin & History of - Efficient

Word Origin & History of Efficient

Word Origin & History

efficient late 14c., "making," from L. efficientem (nom. efficiens), prp. of efficere "work out, accomplish" (see effect). Meaning "productive, skilled" is from 1787. Related: Efficiently

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