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Ebb-Tide Definition Ebb-Tide Meaning in Bengali

"Ebb-Tide Synonyms"

Top ten synonyms Ebb-Tide. What are 5 "Ebb-Tide synonyms"? What is a better word for Ebb-Tide? What's another word for Ebb-Tide? How can I replace the word Ebb-Tide? What is the Definition of Ebb-Tide.

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Synonym of Ebb-Tide (noun)

diminishing tide falling tide outgoing tide retiring tide

Example of Ebb-Tide

Example in a Sentences of Ebb-Tide

Example Sentences for ebb-tide

So far the ebb-tide has left but two successful crops to those of us whose kismet has led us hither—crime and science.

It is never taken in nets, but buckets are used at ebb-tide.

There would be the ebb-tide for leaving the Douvres; and the flood would carry him into Guernsey.

He knew besides such words as "hawser," "bulkhead" and "ebb-tide."

The ebb-tide will carry it about twelve miles and the flood set it back from seven to nine.

Having lost their anchor, they were at the mercy of the ebb-tide.

"Because you force me to doubt," she answered, almost patiently, for the ebb-tide of her anger had set in.

It was but slow progress with the oars against the ebb-tide.

It was the chill gray of the morning, when every man's spirits and courage are at ebb-tide.

The company re-embarked in high spirits, and we had the ebb-tide to return with.

Word Origin & History of - Ebb-Tide

Word Origin & History of Ebb-Tide

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