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Top ten synonyms Dumped. What are 5 "Dumped synonyms"? What is a better word for Dumped? What's another word for Dumped? How can I replace the word Dumped? What is the Definition of Dumped.

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Synonym of Dumped (verb)

drain unload dispose of get rid of leave deposit discard discharge ditch jettison scrap empty junk eject expel exude fling tip chuck evacuate cast unpack clear out throw out deep-six fling down let fall throw down throw overboard

Example of Dumped

Example in a Sentences of Dumped

Example Sentences for dumped

The open box cars brought up thousands of tons of good soil, which was dumped down into the layers of interlaced logs.

It is dumped into freight cars and trundled off to the smelting furnaces.

On returning to the schooner, we dumped them all into an empty barrel.

The concrete can then be wheeled in barrows and dumped into the forms.

Incidentally, some of his false-work got in the way of my skiff and all but dumped me out into the "Big Muddy."

After mixing, the concrete was dumped into iron buckets holding 14 cu.

I'm to be dumped on the hospitality of your friend, Morgan, too.

The bucket was dumped by a man on a staging erected on the pier form.

He dumped the app to my public directory, and, gingerly, I executed it.

Many did so, but all could not be taken away, and a quantity was dumped into the river.

Word Origin & History of - Dumped

Word Origin & History of Dumped

Word Origin & History

dump c.1300, "throw down or fall with force," from a Scandinavian source (cf. Dan. dumpe, Norw. dumpa "to fall suddenly"). The sense of "unload en masse" is first recorded in Amer.Eng. 1784. Related: Dumped; dumping. The noun "place where refuse is dumped" is attested from 1865, originally of mining operations. Meaning "act of defecating" is from 1942.

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