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Top ten synonyms Dump. What are 5 "Dump synonyms"? What is a better word for Dump? What's another word for Dump? How can I replace the word Dump? What is the meaning of Dump in English?

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Synonym of Dump (verb)

depot swamp magazine cesspool ash heap dumping ground garbage lot junk pile refuse heap rubbish pile

Example of Dump

Example in a Sentences of Dump

Example Sentences for dump

"I think it would be a good plan to dump them all into the hold," said Larry.

So we had to dump our prisoners into our own boat, and pull out to the other.

Ross was after him with a bound, scrambling up over the dump, followed by the others, who were infected by his excitement.

Caring for dump and disposing of surplus by rough grading, $70.28.

The mean ore is thrown on a dump pile, the rich ore is all cracked up.

As you notice, the dump and this shack are at the approximate center.

Already tracks were laid for the dump trams that were to carry dirt from steam-shovels to the dam to form its main body.

What was a man of his breeding and education doing at Clinch's dump?

I had them dump the dirt right before the house and terrace it smoothly.

Say, you ain't going to dump me into the river from that thing!

Word Origin & History of - Dump

Word Origin & History of Dump

Word Origin & History

dump c.1300, "throw down or fall with force," from a Scandinavian source (cf. Dan. dumpe, Norw. dumpa "to fall suddenly"). The sense of "unload en masse" is first recorded in Amer.Eng. 1784. Related: Dumped; dumping. The noun "place where refuse is dumped" is attested from 1865, originally of mining operations. Meaning "act of defecating" is from 1942.

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