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Synonym of Dumb (adj)

speechless inarticulate incoherent mousy mum mute quiet silent soundless tongue-tied uncommunicative voiceless at a loss for words wordless

Example of Dumb

Example in a Sentences of Dumb

Example Sentences for dumb

Razumov tried hard to understand the reason of this dumb show.

I thought of my wife, and, trying to call her name, was dumb.

I inclose it, and have marked with red ink the passage which struck me dumb.

I venture to think that if your Christianity was deeper, it would not be so dumb.

She turned away from her husband with a soft superiority of innocence and true feeling which struck him dumb.

"I think he must be deaf and dumb," Cayke whispered to her companion.

The multitude, dumb and nerveless with amazement at the daring deed, made no effort to rescue their victim from her deliverer.

There he lay like a log, as dumb as the man whom he had left clinging to the taffrail.

The sound of my step shall make your heart jump; a look from me shall make you dumb for an hour.

"Dumb luck and cowardice, as far as I can see," Duke answered.

Word Origin & History of - Dumb

Word Origin & History of Dumb

Word Origin & History

dumb O.E. dumb "silent, unable to speak," from PIE *dheubh- "confusion, stupefaction, dizziness." O.E., Goth. (thumb) and O.N. (dumbr) forms meant only "mute, speechless;" in O.H.G. (thumb) it meant both this and "stupid," and in Mod.Ger. this latter became the only sense. Meaning "foolish, ignorant" was occasionally in English from early 14c., but modern use (1823) comes from influence of Ger. dumm. Related: dumber; dumbest. Applied to silent contrivances, hence dumbwaiter. To dumb down is from 1933.

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