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Top ten synonyms Dope. What are 5 "Dope synonyms"? What is a better word for Dope? What's another word for Dope? How can I replace the word Dope? What is the Definition of Dope.

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Synonym of Dope (verb)

idiot fool ass donkey dunce blockhead simpleton dimwit dolt lame-brain

Example of Dope

Example in a Sentences of Dope

Example Sentences for dope

But how did a chauffeur know so much about poison and dope as to be able to mix a dose that would fool the chemists?

She was a lady all right, but she got the dope habit and threw the lamp at me.

He just comes and goes handing out his dope to the boys, and—You know the forest-jacks.

Say, how much did you slip that reporter to pull off that dope about you?

No, but I can guess enough to dope it out pretty well, and—don't do it!

Of course he's sick from the dope, an' the others are a bit fast for him.

In the nick of time, the villain gets his dope and we pull off a brilliant victory.

You make out a list of what dope you want—and be sure yuh get a-plenty.

In them were a score of snares for the buccaneer with money in his pocket and dope in his blood.

But now I know Crimmins fed you dope while pretending to hand you nerve food.

Word Origin & History of - Dope

Word Origin & History of Dope

Word Origin & History

dope 1807, Amer.Eng., "sauce, gravy," from Du. doop "thick dipping sauce." Extension to "drug" is 1889, from practice of smoking semi-liquid opium preparation. Meaning "foolish, stupid person" is older (1851) and may have a sense of "thick-headed." Sense of "inside information" (1901) may come from knowing before the race which horse had been drugged to influence performance. Related: Doped; doping. Dope-fiend is attested from 1896.

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