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Domineering Definition Domineering Meaning in Bengali

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Top ten synonyms Domineering. What are 5 "Domineering synonyms"? What is a better word for Domineering? What's another word for Domineering? How can I replace the word Domineering? What is the Definition of Domineering.

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Synonym of Domineering (adjective)

overbearing dictatorial imperious autocratic bossy arrogant tyrannical coercive despotic egotistic high-handed imperative imperial insolent peremptory crack the whip iron-handed on high horse in driver's seat

Example of Domineering

Example in a Sentences of Domineering

Example Sentences for domineering

He was sick of your bullying and domineering, just as we all were.

They have been the domineering party, but all that is finished, and we are the best of friends.

Cass was loyal to the administration, Benton helpful but domineering, and Calhoun unfriendly.

She was quick in temper, slow in brain, domineering, awkward.

The whites already had assumed a domineering manner, and his final resolution was both natural and patriotic.

Kate was for a chair, but Laramie domineering, made her sit with him on the sofa.

His eyes looked directly into hers and it seemed to Nan for the first time that they held something of a domineering expression.

I was so delighted that you got the better of Moulder; a domineering party, isn't he?

Other nations felt the prevalence in your national councils of its insolent and domineering spirit.

What glory would have been hers had she been headstrong, ambitious, domineering!

Word Origin & History of - Domineering

Word Origin & History of Domineering

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