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Top ten synonyms Dogmatic. What are 5 "Dogmatic synonyms"? What is a better word for Dogmatic? What's another word for Dogmatic? How can I replace the word Dogmatic? What is the Definition of Dogmatic.

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Synonym of Dogmatic (adj)

stubborn fanatical categorical assertive unequivocal obstinate arbitrary intolerant emphatic arrogant bigoted bullheaded cocksure confident definite despotic determined doctrinaire domineering downright formal high and mighty imperious magisterial narrow-minded obdurate one-sided overbearing peremptory pigheaded prejudiced tenacious tyrannical egotistical dictative fascistic stiff-necked wrong-headed

Example of Dogmatic

Example in a Sentences of Dogmatic

Example Sentences for dogmatic

One has only to survey the field of dogmatic religion to see how curiously astray it may be led.

He was too 64 dogmatic to win liking, but he had a genius for success.

And this applies not to moral questions only, but to dogmatic also.

It was the man he had seen before—material, capable, dogmatic.

To jump from a dead, impersonal world to a dogmatic Bible is too much for most people.

We know too little about the laws of brain-force to be dogmatic with reference to it.

He also insisted, however, upon personal conviction in writers on dogmatic.

It is his very ignorance of a matter that makes him dogmatic.

It is historical, like the Essai sur les moeurs, and dogmatic, like the "Essays" and "Discourses."

However, I give you leave to be as dogmatic and didactic as you like in return.

Word Origin & History of - Dogmatic

Word Origin & History of Dogmatic

Word Origin & History

dogmatic 1680s, from L. dogmaticus, from Gk. dogmatikos, from dogma (see dogma).

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